Monday, September 20, 2010

A-tone - the collected works

A-tone was an outlet for the supremely mellow tunes of Dennis McNulty before he completely immersed himself in the electronic arts. They released one single on the Julius Geezer label. Members of the group would go on to join Moutpiece, Dinah Brand, Legion of Two and Spring Break.


Crossbreed - Whelans 15/2/95 (last performance ever)

Thanks again to Daragh Bhoy for this.
There's some guest vocalists doing their party pieces on the last five tracks.
One the reasons Crossbreed broke up is that Steve the drummer was going to a remote Scottish island to join a buddhist monastary.


Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Idiots

The Idiots were Brian Mooney, Andy Osbourne and Dec Costello. This was their only proper release, except for one side of a single that was part of the RoadRelish series.
There's more Idiots on The Wirewool, These Aul Tapes and DIY Irish Hardcore Punk Archive.
Gutarist/singer Brian Mooney is currently making music as Beautiful Unit.
This blog takes it's name from one of their songs.

Dig it.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Pet Lamb & Female Hercules - Whelans 9/5/94

Thanks to Daragh Bhoy for this

There is some classic between song audience banter on this.

Download: Pet Lamb & Female Hercules

Mexican Pets - early demo

Thanks to Eric Butterfield for this

This line-up of Mexican Pets featured Pat Clafferty, Jill Hahn, Derrick Dalton and Eric Butterfield.
It was recorded by Dylan Phillips and Eric Stover I'm guessing in Elektra or Sun studio in Temple Bar.

Tracklist: Bruise, Backpedal, Iguana, How To Have More Fun and Stigmata Erratta

have more fun.

Check out These Auld Tapes from The Attic for more early Mexican Pets.

Female Hercules EPs

Dublin's finest fuzzed out garage rockers Female Hercules released two CD EPs, Sweetheart and Gwendolyn.

4 Wild Studs

Female Hercules' two early 7 inch EPs are on the blunt records blog here & here.

Mexican Pets & Pet Lamb in The Underground, 26/6/91

Thanks to Laura for this

Download: Mexican Pets & Pet Lamb

A night in memory of Derrick Dalton

Wednesday 29 September in Whelans.
12 entry includes a copy of the Aeromodeller album 'First Flight' and the Crumb 7 inch 'Like Goodbye'. Tickets available from All profits go to the charity Aware.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Pet Lamb - High Anxiety (the lost album)

This is one of the classic albums of Dublin indie rock in the 90s. Unfortunately it was never released. It's a story that's as old as the music business. The A&R man that signed the band moved on to greener pastures and they were left working for a company that didn't dig their music.

Here's how the band describe the time:

"Appeared on the late night James Whale show and were described by panelist Malcolm MacLaren as "madly wonderful". The highlight of this period was spotting Nicholas Parsons in Liverpool St. station, sitting alone eating a banana, got him to sign an autograph for us.
All the while writing songs for first album proper. They wanted us to use Hue And Crys producer, we wanted Albini or Martin Bisi. Chose Bisi cos Albini wasn't available and we wanted a trip to New York. Bisi had done Sonic Youth, Swans and Unsane. We slept on the studio floor and made the record High Anxiety named after the under appreciated masterpiece by Mel Brooks.
Dropped by Roadrunner. They wouldn't release the record and we couldn't afford to buy it."

Read more:

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