Monday, April 15, 2013

Venus Envy - four to the floor

By their second EP original bassist Bella had left to go live in California.

four to the floor

Venus Envy - the age you're at

Venus Envy was Maura Horan, Alan Murphy, Eugene Ryder and Bella. They released two EPs, this is the first and it's on Hunter S. Records. After the band finished up Alan went on to drum in The Great Western Squares, and Maura released electronic music mostly under the name Americhord. This line up are working together again after a twenty year gap and have just released an album. They are now called Hi Beats Lo, their new recordings are available here.

good idea

Anodyne - ultramack 005

Breakbeaty heavy electronics from Decal's Ultramack label. Anodyne is Colin Cloughley. This album came out in 1996 and was followed up with some compilation appearances, some remixes, and a handful of live appearance that often resulted in blown PA.s. There a great interview by Stephen Rennicks here. Not much else was heard from Mr. Cloughley until 2010 when he returned with a new album "Corrosion" and also a remix EP, on Psychonavigation. He seems to be back in business.

 get dubbed up

Tension - I only like you when I'm drunk

Another great Dirt Records release from 1995. Tension was Michael Mullen, Ross Neville and Ger Murphy who had previously been in Wheel and Not Our World. I think Ross and Michael went on to play in Low-Life with Pat Clafferty of Mexican Pets. They released a vinyl EP called "So You Say" which has one extra track that's not on this album. There's also some unreleased tracks on These Auld tapes here and here.

get tense