Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Pet Lamb - High Anxiety (the lost album)

This is one of the classic albums of Dublin indie rock in the 90s. Unfortunately it was never released. It's a story that's as old as the music business. The A&R man that signed the band moved on to greener pastures and they were left working for a company that didn't dig their music.

Here's how the band describe the time:

"Appeared on the late night James Whale show and were described by panelist Malcolm MacLaren as "madly wonderful". The highlight of this period was spotting Nicholas Parsons in Liverpool St. station, sitting alone eating a banana, got him to sign an autograph for us.
All the while writing songs for first album proper. They wanted us to use Hue And Crys producer, we wanted Albini or Martin Bisi. Chose Bisi cos Albini wasn't available and we wanted a trip to New York. Bisi had done Sonic Youth, Swans and Unsane. We slept on the studio floor and made the record High Anxiety named after the under appreciated masterpiece by Mel Brooks.
Dropped by Roadrunner. They wouldn't release the record and we couldn't afford to buy it."

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