Monday, October 18, 2010

Groundswell - tapes - part 2

Thanks to Anthony for these.

Mickey Special
Tracklist: Forming a Skin, Mapping the Damage, The Length of Aversion, Phlegm's Short Reign, Dislocated Speech

The Low Country
Tracklist: That Done and Got Me Started, The Sound of Secrets Forming, In the Light of the Cracks, Hacket's Remains, Instrumental, Scab Jacket, Hearing it Cross-Eyed

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  1. Just downloaded groundswell, sounds class. I remember seeing them in Barnstomers Capel Street at a Hope Charity gig with In Motion. Afer the gig i went up to the singer to tell him how amazing i thought they were. He told me i should really go to see the a band called Palace Brothers the following week in The Baggot Inn, i really wish i had of gone now.
    Thanks for the tunes, will be downloading all night, next stop Crossbreed.

    Man In A Can